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Конференция в Тарту

Конференция в Тарту.
Возможно финансирование участия.

Dear doctoral student,
We are pleased to invite you to the doctoral students' conference "Next generation insights into geosciences and ecology" on May 12-13, 2011 in Tartu.

FUNDING AVAILABLE FOR PRESENTERS! Organizers may provide support to provide travel and/or accomodation costs on a competitive basis. There is no conference fee and the konference is free for everyone!!!

Each session will be opened with an invited presentation by outstanding scientists. We are happy to announce that the keynote speakers are:

* DAVID A. WARDLE (Sweden) - "Long term drivers of aboveground-belowground linkages: evidence from islands, chronosequences and invaders" Professor Wardle explores the links between aboveground and belowground communities and how these in turn drive the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. Professor Wardle has published his research in Science and since 2006 he is recognised by ISI (Thompson Scientific - Web of Science) as a "Highly Cited" scientist in the field of Ecology/Environment.

* DAVID J. SIVETER (England) - "Exeptionally preserved fossils: window on the evolution of life" Professor Siveter's research interests are stratigraphy and invertebrate palaentology. Professor Siveter has published his research in Science and Nature.

* CAMILLE PARMESAN (USA)- the title will be specified later Professor Parmesan has focused on the impacts on climate change in the 20th century on wildlife. Professor Parmesan has published her research in Science and Nature.

* MARTIN ZOBEL (Estonia)-  "Plant ecologist's view on mycorrhizal symbiosis" Professor Zobel focuses on diversity patterns of plant and fungal communities. Professor Zobel has published his research in T.R.E.E. and Ecology Letters.

Important dates:

Registration IS OPENED!
Abstract submission IS OPENED!
Abstract submission closes Mar 28
Decision on abstracts and funding Apr 15
Late registration closes Apr 29

More information and registration form is available at webpage
or at the homepage of Doctoral school of earth sciences and ecology
NB! Feel free to print out the poster (http://www.geoeco.ut.ee/933950) and share the information with students of earth sciences and ecology from other universities!

On behalf of the organizing committee,
Kadri Koorem, Inga Hiiesalu

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